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Sunday, March 20, 2016

American Statist: Greatest threat to world peace

These are days filled with talk of "Russian Aggression" and means of countermanding it by an expansion of NATO into Eastern Europe.

Is this strategy really taking into account the safety and protection of population?

The Russian invasion of Crimea was in perfect pitch with State Department practice yet pales in comparison to the invasion of Iraq.

As for who should be concerned with "state aggression", the US or Russia, it seems perfectly clear who the global aggressor has been. Clear to the population that is, not to the states. The states have their own version of the facts they want adhered to.

After all, which country has 800 plus military bases all around the world?

Which country just in the last 15 years over threw three (3) governments directly - Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya (re:NATO) - and at least (4) countries indirectly - Syria, Egypt(re:Israel), Yemen(re:KSA), Honduras.

Just a few more to go if we are to believe Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark. A few of the names have changed but the impulse and history remain  consistent if more blatant.

Put another way, say you look up in the sky and you see a drone. its coming right at you. It hovers around your home all afternoon. Well, if you're in the US maybe you call the police and report your neighbor for trespassing. If you live in any other country aside from the centers of non-US powers - EU, Russia, China - anywhere else, especially in the middle east and North Africa, you had better be mortified.

The poorer the area in which you live the more dangerous. Chances are it could be a Predator Drone and you may have associated with a certain prime suspect at some inconsequential occasion. You may not have. The criteria is not really high. And 9/10 times drones strikes leave body counts that don't include the primary target, or "jackpot".

Just easier to take you out rather than risk the potential someone in this drone-terrorized region might have a notion to fight back.

Now imagine these aggressive modes of behavior carried out in Canada, Latin America or Mexico on behalf of Russia or China? It simply would not be tolerated. We would bomb them into the next world.  As would any logical defensive administration. No sane country would allow it.

Yet we expect Americans to believe that Russia is the aggressor?

How insulting to our intelligence.

Furthermore the invasion and annexation of Crimea, while clearly a war crime, does have a historical territorial connection to Mother Russia. As does the Ukraine. While explicit US support for Ukrainian militias is taken as an acceptable response in the states,  Soviet intervention in a civil war in Canada would never be tolerated.

So it may be helpful to replace Russian Aggression with American Aggression - AA - the next time you hear a politician rail about the "greatest threat to world peace."

The expansion of NATO into E. Europe and presumably, Ukraine in order to provoke a confrontation...combined with the recent notice the DOD would be beefing up and modernizing its nuclear weapons arsenal, it's easy to see why the world might view us as a threat.

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