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Saturday, May 21, 2016

On the eve of the next Gaza massacre, cue the Israeli apologists

In yet other Israeli shill piece, long on the false equivalency and misdirection, short on facts and context, columnist glibly reminds us that a new collection of essays documenting life under occupation fails to adequately account for Arab rejectionism and...

The fact that Israel already withdrew from Gaza, resulting in reign of terrorist outfit, Hamas, and the suspension of peace talks and...

The fact that there are so many 'worse' human rights violators out there, why pick on Israel?

Perhaps this inexcusable omission is matched only by what your own column leaves out.

Some examples of what readers will not learn from Lawrence J. Hass - senior fellow at the "conservative", read defense industry sect, American Foreign Policy Council - include:

1) Readers will not learn that Israel rejects both a Palestinian "unity government" in which the PA and Hamas negotiate as one (most recently abandoning peace talks in March 2014) AND a divided government (the reason Israel rejected previous post-Hamas talks) making negotiations impossible. 2) Hamas - dedicated to Israel's destruction (whatever plays into the 'victim' hand) - was also democratically elected by Gazans at which point all diplomatic relations were cut off by the US and Israel. 3) Israel may have withdrawn its settlements from Gaza in 2005, but it still effectively controls the strip, controlling airspace, implementing a crushing embargo on Gaza's only connection with the outside world, limiting water and electricity access and closing all crossings into Israel and its new client, Egypt. 4) Hamas ousted the PA as a result of a W. Bush/Condi Rice coup attempt to remove Hamas from power through the PA and Fatah. The coup was thwarted, and PA expelled committing the second most grave crime against the US and it's ME allies (the first being voting the wrong way). 5) Israel fears "withdrawing" from the west bank could lead to another terrorist organization being democratically elected. Though, Israel has never withdrawn control of Gaza and will never "withdraw" from the west bank - see Illegal settlements housing 500,000 Jewish extremists. 6) Expansion of Illegal settlements. Declared Illegal by the ICC and UN security council and every UN member nation, US included, except by the colonial power: Israel. Under Oslo, Gaza and the West Bank are ONE - therefore, land theft in one part of Palestine is legitimately dealt a kick in the pants by Hamas in Gaza. It's called self-defense against violent aggression, displacement and dispossession. 7) The tale of the tape: No party is less committed to a "just" peace except as defined by Israel: ie. Israel gets everything it wants. As evidence Israel violates every ceasefire conjured with Hamas, often within hours. The eventual Hamas 'retaliation" is used as context for the next Gaza invasion. Like clockwork. Israel historically is the rejectionist party, typically pulling out of talks when they actually start to move in a direction toward Palestinian autonomy and human rights.

Perhaps (American Jewish author Michael) Chabon's led a sheltered life, for the occupation in Hebron and elsewhere in the West Bank hardly compares to humanitarian horror in North Korea; political suppression in China, Russia and Cuba; and the lack of fundamental human rights across the Arab world.

1) The United States does not GIVE these Other "worse" human rights violating countries $4 billion/year in arms sales to repress native populations.Expressly against both US and International Law. That is key, though Israel certainly belongs in that company of regimes, including Saudi Arabia. See Foreign Policy Journal Editor Jeremy Hammond's concise dissection of the most common myths of the Palestine/Israeli conflict. Full piece: The Next anti-Israel temper Tantrum