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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Could the Planned Parenthood Controversy Be Israel's "Achilles Heel"?

It's not hard to catch a whiff of the latest Republican pissing match over who can grandstand the most emphatically over the heavily edited Planned Parenthood videos proffering to implicate the women's reproductive health organization of selling aborted fetus organs for research.

While the Hyde Amendment clearly forbids the use of US federal tax money to fund abortions in the United States, another trove of US tax dollars - US foreign aid to Israel - shoulders no such burden.

According to the Times of Israel:

"Israel has always had a liberal stance on abortion, allowing women facing medical emergencies or those who are victims of rape or abuse to receive subsidies to help them terminate their pregnancies. Outside of those regulations, women can apply for abortions for reasons ranging from an emotional or mental threat caused by the pregnancy or for not being married to the baby’s father. All women who seek to end a pregnancy must appear before a three-member committee to state their case, but 98 percent of requests are approved. Women under the age of 20 or over the age of 40 were also previously eligible for subsidized abortions, regardless of the reason.
With the newly amended health care package, however, funding will now be available for more than 6,000 additional women seeking to terminate their pregnancies, at the cost at some NIS 16 million ($4.6 million). No medical reason for the abortion is required."

For the sake of thoroughness and an awareness of the hypocrisy at play, shouldn't the "Anti-choice" gang running for president, as well as the AIPAC shills in the US Congress who recently voted to defund planned parenthood for a year over highly edited propaganda videos that insinuate aborted body parts were sold by the reproductive health org, at least pretend to care that the $3.7 billion/year in foreign aid to Israel is not being used to end the lives of the unborn in Israel?

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